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If you are in the market for a new car, it might be a good idea to shop around for ways to save money. Looking past the shiny new purchase and into your future budget can save you a lot of headaches down the road. When you buy a car, you also have to buy car insurance. Buying car insurance can be a fickle experience. It is calculated on your your driving history, type of car and sometimes, even the color of the car! Searching for options that are considered safe might put in good standing with insurance companies and let you save your dollars.


Most newer model cars come with airbags. The standard options for airbags usually include two front airbags. Some newer models come with airbags that cover almost every area of the car. Front airbags, rear airbags, side curtain airbags, inflated seatbelts and now even pedestrian airbags offered by Volvo, that inflate the windshield if you hit someone, are there to protect everyone in and around the car. These options are sure to bring down your insurance rates. Even more important, they can save a lot of lives.

Back up cameras

These safety cameras are so valuable in saving lives that it was mandated that all passenger vehicles be equipped with them as standard equipment by 2018. Even the best drivers can’t always see what is behind them. While using mirrors and turning to see what is behind you has worked in the past and is even considered good on the driving exam, it is still not enough to protect a toddler or animal that might be under your license plate. Some even include trajectory lines and distance monitors. Having this camera in your dashboard is priceless.

Forward Collision warning with auto braking

This warning will stop the car if you don’t heed the warning. Although it is not standard, it takes collision warning to the next step by preventing crashes.

Blind Spot Warning – This technology uses a radar to alert you if something is in your blindspot. The icon on the dashboard will light up or you might get an audio alert if the object is too close.

Adaptive Headlights

These headlights move with the steering wheel to illuminate the road in front of you. This is sure to save you from deer or other wanderers on dark roads.

Voice controls

Much like the bluetooth options that can be used with your smartphone, voice controls use your voice to operate all of the functions in the vehicle. Turning on the windshield wipers, radio, answering the phone, or operating the windows, your hands can always stay on the wheel.

Back up sensors

If you can’t get a back up camera, this is the next best option. It alerts you if an object is too close to your bumper while the car is in motion. It is great for preventing scratches and accidents.

ESC or Electronic Stability Control

If your car is on a slippery surface, this feature will kick in to bring it to a halt. It will also keep it from flipping over. While it is standard in most vehicles made after 2012, it is good to add it to a car that you already own.

Anti theft Devices

To prevent your car from being stolen, you can add one or many devices to your car. Some of them include, a fuel switch that will keep the gas supply from reaching your car, a bar that keeps the steering wheel from moving, and a kill switch that is hidden and has to be activated in order for the car to move.

Adding this equipment to your car can save a lot of money. Other factors include the city that you live in, age. Four add-ons that will definitely save you money are airbags, anti-lock breaks, electronic stability control and adaptive cruise control that monitors if there are cars around you and the surface of the road and controls the car. Depending on which insurance company you use, other options could offer a discount on the premium. Check with your local agent to find out which safety features will save you money on your insurance.